The studio, Unit 7, is located in Stockholm in the heart of Södermalm in a cozy area called SOFO. It’s optimized for editing and mixing, but also has a small 9m2 recording booth for overdubs with 1-3 musicians.

Console: Harrison Series 12 analog console, 72 channels with total recall/full automation

Monitoring: Adam S2X, Adam Sub 10

DAW: ProTools and Logic

Audio interfaces: 1xPrism ADA-8XR, 4x192HD

Mics: Vintage Neumann U67 and KM56s, Andreas Grosser U47, Gefell CMV563s, UM57, UM92 and M582s, Lucas CS-1 and CS-4, Flea 249s, collection of vintage ribbon mics from RCA, Coles etc, dynamic mics from Sure, Sennheiser and EV

Preamps: AMS/Neve 1081s and 1084s, Avalon 737s, Vintage RCA OP-6 etc

Limiters: Large collection of compressors from Analoguetube, Retro Instruments, Chandler, D.V Fearn,

Thermionic Culture, Shadow Hills, ADL, BAE, Urei, UA, Purple etc

Eq: 2xCartec EQP-1A, a number of DIY API style eqs 500 format eqs from TB Audio and CAPI

Reverbs and misc outboard: 2xBricasti M7, TC 1210 Chorus, TBDD Chorus (Dimension D clone), SPL Transient Designer TD-4, 2xThermionic Culture Vulture Mastering Limited edition, 2xStandard Audio Level-ors

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