Here’s a condensed list of what I’ve been doing since the mid 80’s. Click album names to listen in Spotify.

Rebecka Törnqvist (producer, co write, arranger, musician) - A Night Like This (-93), Good Thing (-95), Tremble My Heart (-98)

Weeping Willows (producer, arranger, musician) - Broken Promise Land (-97)

Wilmer X (producer, co-arranger) - Hallå Världen (- 95), Primitiv (-98), Silver (-2000)

Svante Thuresson (producer, arranger, musician) - Jag är hip, Baby... (-95)

Per 'Texas' Johansson (producer) - Holon (-97), Alla Mina Kompisar (-98), Man Kan Lika Gärna Leva (-99)

Alberte Winding (producer, arranger, musician) - Brænder Sol (-99) currently not on Spotify

Georg Riedels Orkester (producer, arranger) - Barn På Nytt (-03)

Mikael Wiehe (producer, co arranger, musician) - Kärleken och Politik (-04), Främmande Land (-05)

Emily McEwan (producer, co arranger, musician, mix ’In This Place’) - Highland Fling (-06), In This Place (-10)

Margareta Bengtson (producer, arranger, mix ’En gång i Stockholm’) - I’m Old Fashioned (-06), En Gång i Stockholm (-09)

Silje Nergaard (producer) - Darkness Out Of Blue (-07), A Thousand True Stories (-08), Unclouded (-12)

Joakim Milder (mix) - Takeaway (-10)

Peter Asplund (producer, mix) - Asplund Meets Bernstein (-11)

Peter Jöback (producer, co mix) - Livet, Kärleken och Döden (-11)

Studio Tan (mix) - Studio Tan (-12)

Magnus Lindgren (mix) - Fyra (-12), Souls (coming -13)

Christina Gustafsson (mix) - My Move (-08), Law Of the Lady (-13)

Rigmor Gustafsson (mix) - with Dala Sinfonietta (coming -13/14)

Martin Sjöstedt (mix) - Whereabouts (-10), Good To Be (-12), In the Blink of an Eye (-13)

Lisa Nilsson (producer, co arranger, musician, co mix) - Sånger Om Oss (-13)



- Grammy award - Best producer in 1995

  1. -Sideman with Christian Falk, Anders Melander and Johan Nilsson on writing, producing, arranging and mixing a large number of jingles and themes for TV news between 2000-2013 (Rapport, Aktuellt, Nyhetsmorgon etc etc) running on the major channels in Sweden, TV1, TV2 and TV4

  2. -Teaching Music Production at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm since year 2001

  3. -Production, arranging and composing of numerous commercials, jingles, spots and trailers for TV and radio

As keyboardist:

  1. -Countless tours, shows and album appearances since the mid 80s with

  Cornelis Wreeswijk, Titiyo, Orup, Eric Gadd, Lisa Nilsson, Jonas Gardell, Søs Fenger,

  Robyn, Christian Falk, Stephen Simmons, James Ingram, Westlife, Agnes etc etc

  1. -Frequent member of TV house bands on shows, musicals, galas and royal events etc, mainly with music directors Anders Neglin and Johan Landqvist. Also played in the Eurovision Song Contest orchestras (-89 & -97) and the Idol 2010 house band